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Wyclef Jean may be considering running for President in his homeland of Haiti. The Fugees founder and musician was born in Haiti in 1972, and moved to New York as a teenager.

After the devastating earthquake in his homeland, Jean returned to Haiti as soon as possible to do a lot of hands on work. He was also a major organizer for the concert to raise money for the country. The efforts from his charity, “Yelle,” also made him one of the first celebrities to donate to the country after the disaster.

Now Jean may be interested for running for president in the country’s upcoming election. In an interview with French newspaper “Le Droit” he is quoted as saying, “I can’t sing forever.”

He also said that he has already filled out the necessary paperwork that is needed to run for office. Other reports say that Jean has been “drafted” to run for president because of the leadership he showed after the earthquake


Do you think Wyclef would make a great President?  


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