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33% of teens report abuse. 12% report physical abuse


Recognize the signs

1. Sweeping you off your feet and declaring love immediately. This is the number one sign of a potentially battering relationship.


 2. Jealousy: Not wanting you to have other friends. Thinking everyone around WANTS you. Expecting you to spend every second with him. Sorry, extreme jealousy isn’t a compliment – it’s a problem.


3. Controlling behavior: Keeping track of whom you’re with and where you are. Telling you what to wear. Picking your friends. Keeping you from getting a job. Taking your money. Threatening to commit suicide, to spread gossip about you, or out you if you’re part of a same-sex couple (gay and lesbian dating violence is under-reported due to pressures not to go public).


4. Violence (physical, mental, or sexual): Punching the wall. Yelling. Insults. Name-calling. Isolating you from family or friends. Slamming the door. Insisting on any kind of unwanted sexual activity. Throwing things. Pinching, pushing, spanking…enough said?


5. Relationship abuse not only poses direct dangers for teens but also puts them at risk for other problems. Teens who experience violent relationship abuse are more likely to take sexual risks, do poorly in school, and use drugs and alcohol. Girls are at higher risk for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s), and suicide attempts.

Young men get abused too.

Apart of the process of healing is talking about it.

  • Need help now visit loveisrespect.org
  • 937-222-SAFE
  • If you need immediate assistance please do not hesitate to call 911

Love is not someone that controls and abuses you….


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