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On Monday (Dec. 4) Oxford University Press announced its “Word Of The Year” for 2023.

After more than 32,000 votes and consultation from their team of language experts, the word of the year is…. RIZZ!

For those who are confused, Oxford was kind enough to provide the definition:

Rizz: (n.) style, charm, or attractiveness; the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.

The term was popularized by streaming personality Kai Cenat, who explained its origins in a June episode of the Complex original web series, 360 With Speedy Morman.

Around the time that the episode dropped, the term hit a peak when Spider-Man actor Tom Holland was asked about his own “rizz” (or lack thereof) in a viral interview with Teen Vogue.

“Rizz” had some stiff competition for Oxford’s coveted title. Other finalists included “prompt,” “situationship” and, not surprisingly, “Swiftie.”

The shortlist also included terms such as “beige flag,” “de-influencing,” “parasocial” and “heat dome.”

(Wait a minute… what the heck is “heat dome?!” Can someone break THAT down for us?!)

“Rizz” also popped up on Merriam-Webster’s list of 2023 viral words, along with “Deepfake,” “coronation” and its #1 word, “authentic.”

Therefore, if someone comes up to you, saying that you have “authentic rizz,” it’s safe to say that it’s a major compliment!

(But seriously, can someone tell us what a “heat dome” is?…. No? Fine.)

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