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The story of Fetty Wap is a cautionary tale that all rappers should take heed to. He has conducted his first interview since being in prison.

XXL Magazine has secured the MC’s first Q&A while he serves time. While it seems that he is holding himself accountable he did make it clear that he knows he made some big mistakes. “Some of the things I think about really is being home,” he said. “I take accountability for everything I did. I don’t really be blaming nobody for nothing. It ain’t nobody else fault that I’m here.” The New Jersey native went on imply that the individuals around him also let him down. “However it may have went down, whatever, like with the people and all that, basically, just not standing tall. But at the end of the day, that’s my fault for involving myself around people like that” he added. “And putting your trust in the people that’s not really real, that’s not really who they say they is. So, my whole thing is like, man, just stop fuckin’ with n****s, man. That’s how I feel.”

Although he is currently down for several years he still feels grateful to know he does have a date. “Some of the dudes I be kickin’ it in here with, some dudes got 50 years and 30 years, some of them got life. One of my mans, who I was in Brooklyn MDC [a federal administrative detention facility that holds prisoners with pending cases] with, right now, he facing 120 years. And he just smiling every day” he said.

On October 29, 2021 federal authorities arrested him while arriving at the Rolling Loud New York music festival. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. On August 22, 2022 Fetty Wap plead guilty and is now serving a six year prison sentence in New York. His new album King Zoo will be released on November 24.

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