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When we tell you that it is important to know your HIV/AIDS status… we REALLY mean it!

Recently, a popular IG model went public with her status after nearly dying from AIDS complications. Gena Tew, who modeled for Inked Magazine and Dolls Kill, took to TikTok to chronicle her near-death experience.

As reported by The Shade Room, Tew does not know exactly how she contracted the virus. However, doctors told her that it had to have been in her system for eight to ten years, at least. She also noted that she did not get tested for the entire time period. She only found out about her status once she experienced debilitating symptoms.

Tew hesitantly admitted that being raped multiple times while homeless in New York could be a likely cause of her diagnosis. The heavily tatted model also said that she may have gotten it from dirty needles, having received several free tattoos in the past. Regardless, the aftermath of her contracting the virus is harrowing.


The virus has caused Tew to drop down to a gaunt 65 pounds. In addition, she lost sight in one eye and the ability to walk. Thankfully, she has since regained mobility with physical therapy. Now, she is focusing on her health, providing updates on her official TikTok.

We definitely want to send love and light to Gena for sharing her story and raising awareness. Bottom line: GET TESTED!

Click here to find an HIV/AIDS testing site near you!

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