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Jay Z can afford the finer things in life, but according to Air Platinum Holding, a private jet company, he doesn’t like to pay for them.

The company is suing Jay for not coming up with the $$$ for trips he took back in 2009. According to them, Jay spent 55 hours on their planes, but only paid for 37 hours. Not only that, he allegedly hasn’t coughed up for some of the additional fees that came along with flying with Air Platinum. His bill looks a little something like this:

– 18 hours of flight time at $4,500-per-hour (discounted from $6,000-per-hour) = $81,000

– Catering for 17 domestic flights ($500-per-flight) = $8,500

– Catering for 4 international flights ($750-per-flight) = $3,000

– International fees = $8,500

– Taxes = $12,285

– Luxury trip to England = $24,200

That’s a grand total of $137,485.00!

Wow! Start digging deep into the sofa cushions, Jay! You’ve hopefully got enough dough to pay this back!


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