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A lot of people know Benzino to be one of the Love and Hip Hop men who always was in some sort of relationship, but not too many expected this one.

Transgender model, Shauna Brooks revealed that she and Benzino are in a relationship and she’s tired of hiding it. With that being said, Shauna recorded and posted their phone conversations online.

Brooks said that she wasn’t trying to out the rapper out, nor his romantic or sexual preferences, but she personally no longer wanted to hide her love or relationship in privacy anymore. Benzino has resisted her wants in fear of people would “look at him crazy.”

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You hear Benzino telling Brooks, “I’m just now adapting to this type of world. Who I was before… I’m an alpha male. I’m THAT nigga. Now, yes, I’m saying this shit is all new to me. And I’m trying to be open-minded about it. But then I’m like, ‘yo, this is crazy the way got you lookin’… it’s just… nah mean… and it’s not like I’m looking for some other trans now… I haven’t even looked at that. I haven’t even done that. I love porn. I don’t watch trany porn. I don’t watch gay porn. But that’s just me. I’m old in my ways. I’m a 55-year-old nigga. You know what I’m saying?!”


Now just when all the recordings come as a shock, here comes the troll of the year, 50 Cent agitating and instigating the situation even more.

50 Cent posted two Instagram videos of Shauna Brooks, having a conversation with Benzino about the discomfort he has with being open to the public with their relationship as it was all new for him.

he fact that Benzino was outed for being in a relationship with trans model, Shauna Brooks, on 50 Cent’s Instagram has been an interesting story to follow. Benzino clapped back at 50 Cent, but the damage may already be done.

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The first video had the caption, “Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but do but don’t pat anybody on the butt when they score a basket fool.


While 50 Cent wasn’t the person who directly outed Benzino, he wasn’t the one who recorded the phone conversation, he just copy pasted, so technically, Brooks outed Benzino first.

Shauna hopped on Twitter and said,

Now that everything was out there and in the open, Benzino clapped back at 50 Cent on his Instagram story and was wondering why 50 Cent new Power episodes had more gay scenes. The ‘iambenzino’ Instagram account also did not deny his involvement with Shauna as he also said, 50 Cent want to clown me about f*cking with the trans community.

Benzio Tranny Shauna Brooks Instagram Story

Source: Benzio Tranny Shauna Brooks

However Benzino took to Twitter to deny that it was actually him who wrote those story post messages. He said he hadn’t had access to that account in over a year.

Stay tuned as the Benzino, Shauna and 50Cent saga continues to unravel.

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