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Gracie J Nails

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I thought I knew nail art until I came across the Gracie J, master of all things bedazzled and extravagant. Her skill for sculpting beautifully designed nails that leave a lasting impression is what makes her one of the top sought after nail techs in her industry. If you have a vision, her imagination can bring it to reality with her experience, expert eye, and attention to detail.

In other words, Gracie J is a beast when it comes to executing intricate nail designs. She’s literally taken the lifestyle and fashion of nail art and turned it into a thriving business that speaks to people across the globe. Gracie uses her platform, The Editorial Nail, to show off her talents and inspirations. What’s most intriguing about her page is that although she shows range with her aesthetic, you can tell most designs are rooted in the authentic history of nail art. Think Florence Joyner, Salt N Peppa, and SWV with a side of Cardi B and Lizzo. Catch my drift?

Amazed by her work, I sat down with Gracie to learn more about her thought process behind her designs, her most memorable campaigns, and the importance of supporting Black nail techs.

What was your most memorable campaign?

“Oh my, I’ve done quite a few, but to be fair my most recent and memorable campaign is “The Blueprint” series. Last summer I launched merch for the first time, and it went so well. I sold out in my t-shirts twice and I also have a print version currently available in the TEN Shop. The Blueprint is an ode to the black girls that were too ghetto, centering nail art culture.

This was specifically close to me because in an industry where black women has made countless artistic contributions, we’re either left out of the conversations or non black artists are given the platforms to claim credit for the existence of hood aesthetics. I think that’s hella whack.”

What attracted you to this kind of work?

Gracie J Nails

Source: Gracie J / Gracie J

“I wanted to be a nail artist because I realized it was something I was really good at even at a novice stage of my career, but I truly saw potential in an industry that was undercredited. We were, and still are the underdogs. I wanted to challenge myself to try something unexpected and be the best at whatever I do and not compare myself to anyone else.”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“I draw inspiration from everywhere! My Haitian culture, African-American culture, from art my environment, my moods. I don’t limit myself, the least attractive thing can be the most beautiful inspiration that pushes you to create your best work.”

How do you feel the nail game has changed? Where do you think its going?

Gracie J Nails

Source: Tres Bros Productions / Tres Bros Productions

Gracie J Nails

Source: Gracie J / Gracie J

“I think it’s being commercialized even more than before and being capitalized by those outside of the industry and culture. As a business minded individual I understand the infatuation, it’s cool, it’s marketable and profitable. I know there is room for a massive resurgence before nails being trendy ever dies out.”

Why is it important to patron with Black nail techs?

“It’s important to patron black businesses PERYÒDT *Haitian voice* But black nail techs preserve the culture. We are the cool kids, the blueprint, we are the reason why your favorite mainstream trends exist. We are the culture!”

Gracie J Nails

Source: Gracie J / Gracie J

Any interesting upcoming projects?

“Come spring, I will be launching my extended press-on line. I don’t have a definite date yet, but definitely be on the lookout! I want my art to be easily accessible to nail art enthusiasts that are restricted either by location, finances, allergies to certain enhancement products. I want my art to be easily accessible to talent, content creators, and influencers on the go. I’m SUPER excited to be taking this next step. It’s going to be an interesting journey, I’m ready for it!”

You can keep up with Gracie J by following her Instagram page. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


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