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“Don’t stay in a situation that’s toxic just because it’s familiar or popular”

“Stop think you only live once, Fact is you only Die once so get to Living today”

“Don’t give up, This might be the final test before you succeed”

“It’s all about taking calculated risks in order to truly succeed”

“Just because you don’t see the likes & repost does NOT mean it’s not working”

“Don’t be in competition with people God sent to be on Your team”

“Be comfortable doing difficult things, especially if you want to succeed”

“In Everything of Value, there is a Difficulty Factor”

“Never stop being a Good person because of some Bad people”

“Give it your ALL or don’t do it at all”

“Keys open doors but if the door is not opening, Maybe that’s NOT your door”

“Stop making excuses & go get what you came for. Difficult takes a Day & impossible takes a Week”

“Stop doubting Yourself, You got this!!”

“Train yourself to take Nothing personal”

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