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Lil Uzi Vert seen performing at Coachella weekend 2 Day 3


Lil Uzi Keeps Promise With $24 Million Dollar Facestone


Lil Uzi fans probably aren’t surprised but the rest of us may be a bit confused right now. In January Lil Uzi Vert shared with his fans his plans to have a multi-million dollar pink diamond implanted in the middle of his forehead.


The diamond, containing almost 11 carats,  is estimated to be worth $24 million dollars. The ‘Patek’ rapper told Twitter that he’s been paying for this rarity since 2017.


Wearing M’s on your face? Talk about BIG BANK!


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Trey Songz Trends As Alleged Sex Tape Goes Viral


Mr. Steal Yo Girl is back at it again! Or is it really him at all?


That’s what the court of public opinion thinks. The internet has actually been pretty diligent in their investigation. Mr. Songz arm tattoo looks wickedly similar to the tattoo design in the alleged sex tape. A young lady is seen pleasuring the alleged Mr. Songz in question. Of course, I can’t let you see the content here though. But honey let me just tell you what you already know, the man is blessed!



The “Slow Motion” singer has seemingly been laughing it all off and even maybe capitalizing off of all the attention by promoting his Only Fans.  Reps for the singer declined to comment to PAGESIX.




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