Stay safe while traveling


The trip is planned, your bags are packed, its about to be on. Don’t let your dream vacation turn into a nightmare. Criminals like to target travelers, so you must take the right precautions to outsmart sneaky crooks.


Before you head out of town, follow this simple checklist to reduce your chances of identity fraud:

1. Go through your purse or wallet.

A bulky wallet or purse is like gold to a thief because it likely contains lots of information that will make stealing your identity easy. Remove items like your Social Security card, birth certificate, credit card receipts, check book and bank deposit slips.

2. Limit card usage.

Most of us have a slew of different credit cards. For traveling purposes, choose one or two main credit cards to use on your trip. It’s best not to bring your whole collection in case your purse/wallet gets lost or stolen.

3. Check and monitor your credit report.

Identity theft happens to millions of people each year, and checking your credit report is the main way to see if you have been affected. For those who have identity theft protection, the process of recovering their identities and stolen funds is significantly easier. One option that offers a free trial to help protect you from identity theft when you travel and while at home is through

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