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“ A lot of women have a hard time opening up to other women. They have been betrayed or let down by female friends, felt like a friend or family wasn’t there to support them, or are trying to step outside of their comfort zone and engage in new, positive friendships with women.” says Shannon Anderson -Hammond creator of Yana Sistah Love. Yana is built on a genuine sisterhood.

Shannon  has suffered from depression since she was a teenager as a result of abuse and post-traumatic stress.  April 2019, Shannon created Yana, a support group for women to empower one another.

#YANA ~ Sistah Love (YANA stands for YouAreNotAlone) to provide women a safe, confidential platform to discuss their emotional/mental battles and to form positive, genuine friendships with each other. YANA Sistah Love is a group of women bought together in positivity to uplift, inspire,motivate, support, and encourage one another. YANA Sistah Love is a group of like-minded women who wants to establish empowering friendships without the fear of being judged.

Learn more about YANA Sistah Love in the interview below:

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