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Source: 30 Under 30 / Radio One Cincinnati

  • Name: Shae Miller
  • Age: 27
  • Job Title: Manager of Wild Encounters at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Shae Miller has worked in the Wild Encounters department at the Cincinnati Zoo since 2016. She connects with hundreds of thousands of visitors a year about wildlife and the importance of taking care of the planet that we live on! Shae works with animals like snakes, owls, tortoises, goats, and even hissing cockroaches! She brings out these creatures for the public to meet and get a really cool opportunity to learn about them and learn to respect them. Shae is very focused on sustainability education and is part of the Cincinnati Zoo’s team that is developing and implementing ways to achieve the goal of net zero energy, water, and waste. Shae thinks it’s very important to connect with the community that she works in and has brought animals to Avondale block parties, participates in the Feeding Avondale event at Thanksgiving, and has been a mentor for a student at Rockdale Elementary.

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