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The Hoop It Up Basketball Tournament stopped through Cincinnati, in the parking lot across from Paul Brown Stadium over the weekend. All of the Nati’s hottest Baller’s showed off their skills. Many of the games were intense. The players debated with the ref’s to ensure the right calls were made. Even as the women stepped on the court to represent a few of the men got aggressive using their bodies to block them from making shots. Shouts out to my girl DJ Dime Piece, she’s got a lot of heart! She was knocked down a few times (by the fella’s) but she got back up. She even left the game with some bumps and bruises. After it was all said and done she had an attitude yet she simply stated “it was a good work out”.


We had great weather all weekend, an over cast, and a nice breeze to carry the players through to the next round. Big ups to everyone who came out with their families. This is what we do in order to keep our community connected.


 Shouts out to Cricket (Proud Sponsor). Thank you!


By the way I was there too on a Quest. When I wasn’t eating on Grippo’s and BBQ freshly made by the Fun Factory I was snapping pictures. Enjoy! -Jade West










Recognize anyone in these pics?





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