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NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Source: 2K / NBA 2K21

For the first installment of the NBA 2K21 Courtside Report, NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang spoke about the significant improvements we could look forward to and revealed the game’s demo release date. Now its time to learn about the new features coming to the MyTeam Mode.

For the MyTeam edition of  Courtside Report, Visual Concepts executive producer Erick Boenisch goes into great detail as to what players can expect when they jump into MyTeam Mode in NBA 2K21. Before he gets into the new features, Boenisch revealed that whatever progress you make in current-generation versions of NBA 2K21, it will seamlessly carry over into the respected next-gen version of the game. So if you played on PS4, your progress would be transfer over to PS5 and, the same applies for Xbox One to Xbox Series X.

So what’s new with MyTeam in NBA 2K21?


This year will introduce Seasons, which are roughly 6-week events that players can play for free and grind to win Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal-based Agendas. As you complete objectives, you will earn XP that can be used to raise your Season Level. Every time you level up, you will receive a reward. When you reach the final level, you will be able to earn the grand prize. Boenisch revealed the first grand prize MyTeam players can look forward to is a Pink Diamond Steph Curry card.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Source: 2K / NBA 2K21

MyTeam Limited

A new MyTeam mode called MyTeam Limited was announced. The game mode will only be available Friday-Sunday and will allow players to win their championship rings. There will be new rings available every weekend. If a player completes the incredible feat of winning all the rings in a given season, you will earn the MyTEAM Limited grand prize for that season. The grand prize will be a “high end” card that Boenisch says will make you the “envy of all of your future opponents.” Also, you will be rewarded a prize after each MyTeam Limited victory, but when you obtain that prize you will be presented with an important decision, do you keep it or trade it for a mystery prize? There is a chance it might be worse than the prize you won OR you could actually get that week’s championship ring.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Source: 2K / NBA 2K21

MyTeam Unlimited 2.0

First introduced in NBA 2K19, MyTeam Unlimited returns, but this time it has been revamped. Players will now have to play through 9 leagues before they can reach the top. Each league will consist of up to 12 games, for you to move onto the next league, you will have to win a certain number of games. The main goal is to reach the Galaxy Opal tier where an exclusive prize awaits you, but there is a catch, you have to go 12-0 to obtain it.

Badge Customization and Badge Evolutions

NBA 2K fans were not too thrilled to learn that badge customization would not be in NBA 2K20, well they should be happy to learn the feature returns in 2K21. Not only does the feature make its triumphant return, but it also comes with some changes and improvements. Badge cards will be available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame, with the latter being very rare, of course, and only attainable through prizing and playing the game.

Badge Evolutions which were first introduced in NBA 2K20 and were one of the modes standout features. In 2K21, they are now customizable, giving players control over how some of the Evolution Cards evolve in the game by utilizing branching in the evolution process. Once you reach the choice tier for that particular card, you will have to choose between two badges that you want to add to it. Boenisch states that “not all fully evolved Evolution Cards will be identical in NBA 2K21.”

NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Source: 2K / NBA 2K21

The Exchange

Got cards that you’re not using? Well, thanks to The Exchange, you will now be able to trade in your cards for better ones that could become staples in your lineup. In NBA 2K21, each season will feature a new Exchanges for players to collect and complete that are only available via The Exchange.

IDOL Series Collection

The collection of cards will feature some of the NBA’s most memorable players from both the past and present. The IDOL Series collection will spread across 15 special releases. If a player completes one of the collections, they will be rewarded with a lineup-changing Galaxy Opal card. The first pullable Pink Diamond card will be available in September.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam

Source: 2K / NBA 2K21

Signature Challenges

Ever wanted to relive defining NBA moments like NBA 2K21 cover athlete Damian Lillard game-winning three-point bomb that sent Paul George and Oklahoma City Thunder fishing? Well, now you can because of Signature Challenges. The new challenge type coming to NBA 2K21 won’t happen very often in the game Boenisch revealed, but when they do, it will be worth your while he states.

Signature Challenges will allow you to relive memorable moments through the eyes of that player it is focused on. The first Signature Challenge coming in September will be Damian Lillard, of course, and it will be the moment when Lillard drilled a 37-foot pull-up over Paul George as time expired.

We are definitely looking forward to experiencing the revamped MyTeam mode, and Signature Challenges sound like they will instantly become of the newest features players will love. You can read up more on NBA 2K21, and MyTeam here. NBA 2K21 arrives on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on September 4.

Photo: 2K/ NBA 2K21

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