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A much needed get away ! Tag your real friends!!!! I swear I am so thankful to have real friends, my friends literally made me come on a trip and had everything planned for me. I’m so greatful for people that are there during the tough times not just the lit times 🙏🏽❤️Thank you @vomos 💕 Turn on your post notifications I have something special for all of you all tomorrow … and it’s FREE 😏 Y’all are gonna love it ❤️

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B. Simone can’t seem to catch a break. When the cancel culture vultures get their eyes set on someone they are relentless. Let’s take a look at this past month for her. First She was dragged for saying she wouldn’t date a man that works a 9-5. Then she wrote a book, where she plagiarized others’ work and passed it off as her own. Then she hosted a webinar on plagiarism and business laws, and social media let her have it. Now she’s found her self in hot water with the LGBTQ community.

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B. Simone is certainly having an incredibly controversial month. Following an intense backlash for slamming #BlackLivesMatter protesters, proclaiming that she would never date a man with a 9-5 job and being called out for plagiarizing her entire book—she has now landed in the middle of a new controversy.

This time it involves a resurfaced podcast from three years ago called “WHOREible Decisions” where she was a guest. During the episode, B. Simone repeatedly referred to transgender women as “trannys” and said that the LGBTQ community was the “lettuce bacon and tomato” community.

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