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COVID-19 has truly put a damper on fun these last several weeks. Restaurants, bars and everything slightly resembling fun have all been forced to shut their doors, leaving many people desperate to get out the house.

Private parties and house parties have been on the rise over the last few weeks in different cities across the nation.

In Chicago recently, their was a house party held that completely went viral. And now, authorities are determined to shut down these type of parties to continue to keep people safe.

Major cities like Chicago, NYC and Los Angeles are determined to crack down on large social gatherings since they directly violate the stay-at-home orders in place. In efforts to end the trend, cops plan to monitor social media and live streams. This is their way of keeping track of party goers and rule breakers.

The viral party that went down in Chicago had about 100 people packed inside the house and was shut down because of the videos posted on social media.

In other cities, like New York City for example, the NYPD has issued approximately 190 summons and made around 22 arrests due to people violating social distancing requests. The LAPD has cited 41 and arrested 3, and the Chicago PD has issued 13 citations and 18 arrests over gatherings with an excessive amount of people.

Be careful out there trying to party because authorities are on a mission to stop you.

Source: Complex

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