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It’s a bit hard to find thermometers right now—they’re one of those items that’s hard to find along with antibacterial hand gel and toilet paper. So, if you can’t get a thermometer, how are you supposed to tell if you have a fever?

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According to MedicalNewsToday, clinical nurse consultant Emma Selby says to see if someone else has a fever use the back of your hand to feel their chest and back, and if they feel hotter than usual for that individual they might have a high temperature. She adds, “Typically, if someone has a temperature they will look quite flushed with red cheeks or a red chest. They can also experience sweating and feeling hot. [Some people] experience what we call ‘chills.’

 If you or a loved one is complaining of feeling very cold when no one else is, there is a good chance they have a fever.” Most fevers require no treatment, though some home remedies can ease symptoms. Anyone with a very high fever should see a doctor for a full diagnosis.

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