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1. Elizabeth Warren Boards Biden Bandwagon — And List Of VP Possibilities?

What You Need To Know:

Democratic stars continue to align, or at least line up to stand with Joe Biden. Senator Elizabeth Warren was the third high-profile Democrat in as many days to endorse the Biden candidacy Wednesday morning.

2. Fort Worth Police Investigate Child’s Death On Easter Sunday

What You Need To Know:

Before many began sheltering in place, experts warned about the possible increase in the number of domestic abuse cases.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Poll Shows How The Pandemic Is Affecting Black Voters

What You Need To Know: 

The coronavirus has affected everyday life in many ways and, according to a recent poll, will have lasting effects on American politics, if the black vote has anything to do with it. 

4. Sorry Is Not Enough After Chinese McDonald’s Ban On Black People

What You Need To Know:

McDonald’s China issued an apology this week after a sign banning Black customers from entering a McDonald’s restaurant in Guangzhou, China, went viral. 

5. Coronavirus Chronicles: Karyn Powers

What You Need To Know:

“Instead of going to school every morning, what if school could come to you?” oozed the woman’s saccharine voice from our TV. Whenever this K – 12 homeschool commercial came on, I’d pounce on the remote, hoping to mute it before my son heard it.

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