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A source described the mass firing as a “massacre” and “very ugly.”
(AllHipHop Rumors) I, illseed, have more information on the alleged firing of his Sunday Service Choir. First of all, I want to say I feel for all of the people affected by this situation. I may not have had a full understanding of the gravity of the matter and the severity of how people have been affected. More details sare here…

First of all, the entire choir was not let go. About 30 people were released and about 80 are still there. So, it does not sound like the catastrophe like yesterday – unless you were one of the people let go. Here are some things to remember. These are not union workers and so they have no sort of protection whatsoever from being let go. As far as pay, they were not paid particularly well, I was told, unless $500 for three days of work is good to you. I think they were motivated by more than that, my opinion.

A lot of them left jobs or relocated to be a part of the Kanye West religious revival. “They did not see it coming,” a source told me (illseed) directly. “This is a mix of people, many that are not young, and they still want to make it.” The person stressed that the fact that they are non-union workers really made them “prey.” They had no floor on pay or duration of employment. Now, I am not calling Kanye West and friends the “predators,” but it seems like they laid people off like any other company.

The thing is, this ain’t just any company….this is “Kanye’s Ministry,” the source said. I found that very interesting, that there is a huge emphasis on “ministry.” I believe Kanye West has started or is about to start his own Church (mo’ money, mo’ money!). This is not a new notion and, like I said before, he’s played with the religious looks quite a lot over his illustrious career. People may have looked at this like a huge spiritual let down, not just the loss of a high-profile job.

Kanye has quieted down a bit and dropped his album[s] so I guess there is less need to have this massive choir.  In my previous report, I was told that Kanye West was not in-the-know of this firing. I still believe he had to know, but maybe not. Imagine going to rehearse and “Suzie Mae From The Mid-West” is no longer singing the Lord’s sweet music!

Where is Suzie Mae from The Mid-West?” 

I will give you more info as it becomes available.


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