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The Short North Food Hall has been accused of being racist after a sign in their window stating their dress code started being shared all over social media.

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The Short North Food Hall is located at 1112 North High street and brands itself as a culinary experience unlike any other with three local kitchens inside.  The Short North Food Hall recently posted a print out of their dress code policy in the front window stating you are not allowed to enter if you are wearing any of the following items:

  • ill-fitting or excessively baggy clothes
  • work boots
  • sandals
  • drug-related clothing
  • backpacks, man purses, or satchels
  • sweatshirt/jackets hoodies must be worn down
  • athletic clothing
  • jerseys
  • sagging of pants
  • excessive jewelry including grills
  • and more

People immediately began saying that the policy is discriminating against the urban community.  The Columbus Urban League YP’s posted a statement on their Instagram account calling a boycott off the restaurant and other establishments that fall under “Corso Ventures”.  Those places include Pint House, Standard Hall, Forno, Good Boy, and of course The Short North Food Hall.

There was so much chatter on social media about the clothing policy that The Short North Food Hall took to their own Facebook page to issue a statement/apology.

No word on what “corrections” will be made by The Short North Food Hall


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