Cincinnati Ohio

Source: Nia Noelle / Radio One Digital


Cincinnati has made another list, but once again, it’s not one to be proud of.

The city has made the top 15 in a list of cities across the United States with high rates of depression.

So where was Cincinnati placed?  The Nati came in at 2nd!

Other Ohio cities fared worse with Cleveland in 13th place and Columbus in 9th place.

The city with the most depression rates was Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI, coming in 1st place.

Now, how did the study determine where the cities were placed?

The study indicates there are a number of factors that can impact mental health including genetics, stress, environment, physical health, finances and divorce.

Miami, New York City, and Washington D.C. were the cities that have low depression rates.

To read the entire top 15 list of cities with high depression rates, and how Cleveland placed high on the list, click here.


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