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A messed up fast-food order led to an argument in a McDonald’s and a customer with a busted face.

Now, a witness is sharing what she said happened in that restaurant Sunday afternoon.

Colerain Township police expect to get a copy of the video showing the fight on Wednesday.

A witness we talked with said the customer got hit in the face with more than food.

“One of those blenders that they blend up the coffee in, those heavy glass blenders, that’s what she was hit with,” Kim said.

Kim was waiting for her turn at the McDonald’s on Colerain Avenue near Ronald Reagan Highway when she said her attention shifted from the fast-food menu to a food fight.

She said Britnay Price came in from the drive-thru with an incorrect order and she asked for it to be fixed.

“Nobody made her food, so she asked to speak to a manager. She said, ‘I need you to get a manager up here.’ She said, ‘I’m really getting upset,’” Kim said.

Kim said Price waited patiently — an estimated 30 minutes — with several children waiting in the car.

That’s when the restaurant temperature hit a boiling point, according to Kim.

“She said, ‘You know what, just give me my money back. Just give me a refund. Give me my money back,’” Kim said.

Soon, Kim heard screaming and saw a bag of burgers fly at the manager.

She said the manager retaliated.

“The manager had a blender, that they blend their coffee up in and she swung it and when she swung it, it hit her and the lid would hit the floor. The customer fell on the floor,” Kim said.

Price was hurt, served with a broken nose and shattered cheekbone.

Kim said Price left and the manager went to the back of the store.

She said her appetite was ruined so she left, too.

“She should’ve came up, helped her employees push the orders out, got those situated, gave the lady her food and been done with it,” Kim said.

So far, no charges have been filed.

Colerain Township police are expected to take a hard look at the video from the store.

Price has a serious surgery for her injuries set for Thursday and could have another one in six months.

McDonald’s has released a statement to WLWT:

“The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are looking into this matter and will take appropriate steps once our investigation is complete.”

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