Clothing Retailer H&M Apologizes For 'Coolest Monkey' Hoodie Ad

Source: Joe Raedle / Getty

Some retailers just don’t learn. After the short-lived boycott from the young black boy in the monkey shirt incident, H&M is being called out on the internet once again. This time, it’s for featuring a young black model with her hair unkept.

Check out the pic below:

According to The Shade Room, H&M recently released a new line of fall sweaters and sweatshirts, and one young Black model did not have her hair styled, unlike the others featured. Some people blamed the retailer while others felt is was the girls’ parents fault.

One Twitter user said, “H&M Back On That Bullsh*t.”

Another wrote, “H&M really doesn’t respect us and these Black parents just be letting it happen for a measly a** check. Shameful.”

Another Twitter user blame the young model’s parents, writing, “Nah. This her parents fault. All H&M did was take her picture w/o asking questions.”

Your thoughts?

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