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A 750-pound cow knew his days were numbered when he escaped from a NJ slaughterhouse the other night and ran through the city’s streets for more than an hour. The cow was chased by police and animal control officers before it was tranquilized.

There were no injuries, although a police car sustained minor damage.

According to chief animal control officer, John De Cando, the cow will be spared and not returned to the slaughterhouse.

De Cando told North Jersey News:

“The guy who owned the slaughterhouse promised me he will take it to a farm tomorrow.”

The wild scene began shortly after 8 p.m. after the black-and-white cow apparently slipped away unnoticed from a slaughterhouse on River Street, De Cando said.

The cow ran up and down Presidential Boulevard, spent some time at a basketball court, then continued on River Street, crossing the Arch Street Bridge and wading into the Passaic River.

According to De Cando: 

“It was like Dodge City. You had five police cars on one side of the street, five on the other and the 750-pound cow looking both ways. When the opportunity came, it booked between the police cars.”

De Cando finally got close enough to tranquilize the cow twice. The cow, which was trapped between a fire hydrant and a truck, began snoring as a crowd gathered.

No one was hurt in the melee and the cow won’t be anyone’s hamburger helper anytime soon!

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