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The world may not admit it, but you can always count on us young, cool Black folks to come up with a creative way to make even the most serious person laugh out loud. Admit it — Black millennials have turned social media the into a sort of daily family reunion, where we hurl jokes, plan events, help each other out, and speak to issues that affect our community the most.

The best part about Black Twitter is that it tends to give you a laugh no matter what circumstances or depressing news has been thrown your way for that day. Even the most darkest days when you feel like you don’t deserve to laugh, you can find a great gem on the right person’s timeline.

@Aponchonegro: Black twitter really let ppl in on the inside jokes of the black community. But they will never understand our struggle

@Smooth_Orator: Twitter is really big. Like, really big. And segregated like sh**. We joke about Black Twitter and the online community aspect but trust me, it’s “neighborhoods” on this app yeen never seen.”

This week, the hilarity ensued with folks taking lyrics from classic songs, and flipping it to mean whatever they want it to mean. Like these gems that Kash Doll shared:

And this one from @FOHMilton:

How many good lyric changes have you seen? Hit the flip for some of the funniest ones we caught.

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