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The mother of an 11-year-old girl in Utah is looking for answers after her daughter died within hours of being relocated to a new foster home.

Ahadi Mukeshimana was reportedly riding her bike, unsupervised, when she rode into traffic.

Police in American Fork cleared the driver who hit the little girl of any wrongdoing.

Those who knew Ahadi said in her 11 years she faced struggle, but managed to keep a smile on her face.

According to reports, she and her family traveled from Rwanda to refugee camps in Congo and Uganda before relocating to the United States.

Heather Sundahl, along with other volunteers with the Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center, helped the family get on their feet when they came to the United States.

“She went into traffic and hit a car and that was it, she was brain dead,” Sundahl told Fox 13. “She just was so happy, and that was the image that went through my mind. How could she be gone?”

“Ahadi was full of life, full of enthusiasm and joy,” said Lana Bailey, another UCRPC volunteer. “She had a wonderful mother who dearly dearly loves her kids.”

Ahadi’s mother, Sifa Zibara, said her daughter didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, especially without supervision.

“Two hours later, Ahadi is dead,” Sundahl said.

Ahadi’s four siblings are now back home with their mother.

Leonard Bagalwa, executive director of UCRPC, said Ahadi’s mother is now traumatized.

“Any question you ask her, she will have one answer: ‘They took my five children. They brought me four,’” he told the station.

Police in American Fork told Fox 13 they only investigated the crash itself and have not investigated the foster family.

UCRPC has set up a GoFundMe account for the family to help them meet the financial demands of this tragedy. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.


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