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After literally waiting years for the final season of Game of Thrones, the hit HBO series’ cult following showed up and showed out by the millions last night — 17.4 million to be exact. What’s more…the premiere episode of season 8 didn’t disappoint. Where do we begin?

Daenerys and Jon Snow are all coupled up and unaware that they’re blood relatives… that is until they make their way back to the North, where Jon reunites with his sisters Sansa and Arya, brother Bran, and best friend Sam Tarly. While there, Jon is criticized for bending the knee to Daenerys and Hand to the Queen, Tyrion, is warned the people of the North won’t accept her as queen unless she earns it.

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Sansa doesn’t seem to like her new queen much and questions the North’s ability to feed two fully grown dragons, as they’ve already had to ration out food. In an unexpected, but welcomed, rivalry of bad b*tch egos Sansa sarcastically asks “What do dragons eat anyway?” to which Daenerys responds “Whatever they want.”

Meanwhile, in another moment that quickly went viral pregnant Cersei is acting like she doesn’t want to bone Euron Greyjoy (You want a whore buy one, You want a queen earn her) but not only does she get that D, by the looks of her sinister face she might also be plotting to lie to Euron and tell him her unborn kid is his. But, We ALL know she been doing the do with her brother, Jamie… Ew.

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Remember when we said Daenerys and Jon Snow are totally unaware that they are nephew and aunt — well, Bran “Three-Eyed Raven” Stark just couldn’t wait to spill the incestuous beans. He gets Sam Tarly to inform Jon Snow that he is actually a Targaryen — AND the one true heir to the Seven Kingdoms… but we’re not sure if Jon GETS IT, gets it.

Also worth noting: Theon finally grew a pair of cojones and rescued his sister, Jon rides one of his aunty bae’s dragons, the formerly married Tyrion and Sansa have words, Daenerys informs Sam that she executed his father and brother when they wouldn’t bend the knee, Arya and Jon’s reunion is the sweetest moment ever, and Bran and Jamie meet again.

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