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Are you ready for Spring? I think we all are after the Polar Vortex. Well, it just may be here sooner than we think. According to Fox 28, just before 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Punxsutawney (puhnk-suh-TAW’-nee) Phil emerged from his burrow in Pennsylvania at sunrise and didn’t see his shadow. Nearly the same series of events unfolded about 300 miles (483 kilometers) to the east, where Staten Island Chuck’s handlers also revealed the same prediction.

Marion’s own Buckeye Chuck also predicted an early spring on Groundhog Day Saturday, after not seeing a shadow at sunrise. Legend says if he saw a shadow at sunrise, Ohioans would have to endure 6 more weeks of winter. This is Chuck’s 40th year of making this prediction.  Some are saying these groundhogs have been wrong in the past, but I am praying that is not the case this year.

Yes! Punxsutawney Phil, Buckeye Chuck Don’t See Shadow, Predict Early Spring [VIDEO]  was originally published on joycolumbus.com

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