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Stormy Daniels doesn’t employ attorney Michael Avenatti anymore, but that hasn’t stopped her from filing lawsuits.

She’s filed suit against the Columbus, Ohio Police Department over that strip-club arrest last July. She was performing at Sirens Gentlemen’s Club and hauled in for three misdemeanor sex offenses for allegedly touching a female undercover officer inappropriately. The charges were dropped within hours.

Daniels believes the cops arrested her to try to help President Trump. Her lawsuit says “they thereafter entered into a conspiracy to arrest her during her performance in Columbus in retaliation for the public statements she had made regarding President Trump.” (NBC News)

Fasho Thoughts:

  • Nobody’s ever said one way or the other if Stormy crossed the line at that strip club.
  • Considering how quickly the charges were dropped, it sounds like there’s a case to be made.
  • I’d bet that wasn’t the first time Stormy saw the inside of a jail cell. Seems like that’s an inherent risk of the job.
Don Juan Fasho

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