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A Cincinnati Police Officer is suspended after using a racial slur while attempting to arrest a black woman on Wednesday.

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Officer Dennis Barnette can be heard on the body camera worn by a fellow officer.  According to Fox19Now.com Police Chief Eliot Isaac stated, “Subsequent to the incident, Officer Barnette is clearly heard on a nearby officer’s body-worn camera using a racial slur … ( the “N” word),”  In addition to using the racial slur, the mother of the alleged target claims that the officer got physical with her daughter.

An internal investigation is underway and Barnette is suspended and restricted to desk duty.

The Cincinnati NAACP released the following statement about the incident, “The Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP strongly condemns the racist comment from Cincinnati Police Officer Dennis Barnette … while in the performance of his duties he used the N-word directed towards an African American female while responding to a call. The use of a racial slur has no place in society, nor working for a police department that claims to be a beacon of bias free policing and accountability. The word used is hateful, and coming from someone with the authority to use deadly force, is dangerous to those whom he is sworn to serve and protect. Officer Barnette’s actions disgraced not only him but the department and city that employ him. The tone is set at the top and we expect those in authority to act accordingly and terminate this officer from his position and that he not be allowed to serve as a police officer.”

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