Not owning up to mistakes, criticism or rejection

The final trait men should flush clean down the toilet in 2019 is essentially not owning up to defeat.

“This is a man’s world” is not just some fun lyric your uncle might like to sing at a family gathering. The phrase has a lot of truth to it and men can grow up with a huge sense of entitlement.

I deserve that job. I deserve to be on that team. I deserve that woman. I deserve a world without criticism because I work hard, provide for my family or whatever else the case may be.

This, however, is a toxic way of thinking.

Not being able to own up to rejection or criticism can lead to violence, especially against women or someone you feel entitled to dominate.

Owning up to mistakes, criticism or rejection is hard for everybody. Allow yourself to feel those feelings of doubt, hurt, or pain. Then find a way to move on.

The tools needed might be different for everybody, but once you find them, it could lead to a stress free and open mentality that brings about the growth you desire.


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