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As the world turns we know things seem to get crazier and crazier. Pray for everybody.

Here’s what’s been reported so far about Robert Bowers, the man who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue.


(CNN)As officials try to put together a picture of the alleged synagogue shooter, one focus of the investigation is his social media postings, the FBI said. Here’s what we know so far about the suspect Robert Bowers, 46:

He allegedly made anti-Semitic statements after his arrest
The shooter made anti-Jewish comments during the incident, a law enforcement official told CNN. The shooting took place on the same day as Saturday Shabbat services. At the time of the shooting, three different congregations were holding services at the Tree of Life facility.
He was in the synagogue for about 20 minutes

At a Saturday evening news conference, officials said the suspect was in the synagogue for about 20 minutes. After the attack and as he was leaving the building, he encountered a law enforcement officer and the two exchanged gunfire. The suspect then went back inside the synagogue to hide from SWAT officers. Bowers was in fair condition Saturday evening with multiple gunshot wounds, officials said. It’s believed he was shot by police.
He was not known to law enforcement before the shooting
“At this point we have no knowledge that Bowers was known to law enforcement before today,” Bob Jones, FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent in Charge, said. Jones said that while Bowers’ motive is unknown, officials believed he acted alone.


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