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Williams calls out the Kardashian-West clan for their social media behavior.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were the Hot Topic of the day on “The Wendy Williams Show,”where the host tore into both of their recent antics on social media.

At the top of her show Monday, the host took aim at West deleting his Twitter and Instagram accounts (again) over the weekend, as well as Kim’s barely-covered bikini selfie that had everyone talking.

Williams began with West, who deactivated both of his most popular pages on Saturday after stirring some major controversy with his tweets about abolishing the 13th amendment the week prior.

“Honestly, it’s the right thing to do,” said Williams, before saying she didn’t believe it was necessarily his idea to pull the plug.

“I believe that people can follow Kim and find out how he’s doing and she’ll put a bunch of stories up there that everything is going well, he’s fine,” she said, imitating Kardashian’s voice. “Do I think that this is his idea to drop all his social media? Nah, not at all.”

“I believe he will make it seem like his idea,” she continued. “Kris is like, ‘You gotta shut it down.’ I’m sure Tristan’s talked to him about it, and then he’s got the kids. So somewhere he probably just decided, alright, I’m going to shut it down. It’s OK, it’ll be back up before Hot Topics is over.”

Williams then called attention to a video Kim shared showing a bunch of flowers allegedly sent to her by West. “All a gift from Kanye, orchestrated by Kris, no doubt,” said Wendy. Speaking as the momager, Williams added, “You get over here and you shut down that social media and you make sure that you send Kim all kinda good gifts and things like that. I want to see you all at Craig’s and fancy restaurants at least once a week, you have to been out and seen about and you can’t do it the way you’re doing it now and take your meds.”

Wendy then set her sights on Kardashian’s string bikini selfie and some of the comments it sparked online. “People were going off, calling her pathetic, desperate and sad,” she said, “I agree, agree and agree. I do.”

“This picture is so unnecessary at a time where her husband’s losing his marbles,” she went on. “There’s two schools of thought I guess: When he’s losing it, she’s trying to distract with pictures like this and family orchestrated pictures and things. But we can’t forget about Kanye, because he’s everywhere and not in a good way.”

Williams then looked at the photo from another POV, nearly taking back everything she had just said by joking she’d probably slip into that swimsuit too if she could.

“I think it’s probably girls who could never pull it off who are upset about it,” she added. “It’s a good one. They’re jealous, Kim.”

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