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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Kings Island has confirmed the rumor that a roller coaster will be the attraction that will be removed.

“Kings Island confirms that rumors surfacing over opening weekend of Halloween Haunt are true. Guests to the annual Halloween event on Friday evening were the first to see a new gravesite in the park’s annual ‘ride graveyard’ display, all set-up for a funeral service and containing a sign with the message:

The air is eerily calm as we make final preparations for the ill-fated demise of one of our own.

R.I.P. 10/28/2018




“The park confirms that the ride leaving is one of the park’s 16 roller coasters. Final rides will begin this weekend, with last days of operation occurring the final weekend of Halloween Haunt and The Great Pumpkin Fest, 10/26 – 10/28. Kings Island will reveal the coaster later this week.”


CINCINNATI (WKRC) – “The air is eerily calm as we make final preparations for the ill-fated demise of one of our own,” reads a sign at the Kings Island Halloween Haunt graveyard.

The sign, and accompanying fresh plot with surrounding chairs and flowers, has many speculating that the park is ready to let one of their attractions die. Most likely, a coaster.

Why a coaster? There are some hints at the funeral. Kings Island contains 12 adult roller coaster attractions. The number of chairs at the funeral? 11.

Also, on the sign is a hashtag “#ItsBigItsGone”, almost certainly sealing the deal that come 10/28/2018 (the date posted on the sign), Kings Island will be announcing the “demise” of one of their 12 coasters.

Social media users have speculated that the most likely choices are either “Firehawk” or “Vortex“, picking up on the possible hint from the sign that “the air is eerily calm.” The “Windseeker” is also seen as a possible target of that hint, but it isn’t a coaster.

Whatever happens, it seems most hope that Kings Island will be getting a new roller coaster in the coming seasons.

Kings Island recently announced the return of a “favorite attraction”, which ended up being the “Antique Cars” ride.

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