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Nicki Minaj Endorses Andrew Cuomo For NYC Governor

Source: Rancel Lopez / MIA

Nicki Minaj stepped into the political arena and threw her support behind NYC Democratic incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The self-proclaimed queen of hip-hop has spoken and has given her blessing to Cuomo over his opponent the Democratic-Socialist and former Sex and The City actress Cynthia Nixon. Minaj stopped focusing on Cardi B and sent out a tweet to her twenty-plus million followers that Cuomo is the guy for the job, especially for NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) residents.

Whether or not that rallying cry gets the Barbz to the voting booths remains to be seen. Do remember they sure didn’t help Queen grab the number one spot on the Billboard charts either. Regardless Minaj’s endorsement has team Cuomo very excited. Lis Smith, a spokesperson for team Cuomo, was very thrilled to get the Queens rapper’s support.

In speaking in the endorsement, she added:

“We’re thrilled to have the endorsement of the undisputed queen of hip-hop. As Nicki would say, Andrew Cuomo looks like yes, and Cynthia Nixon looks like no.”

Minaj is not the only Hip-Hop act to get involved in this year’s NYC Governor Democratic primary. Diddy has thrown his support behind Tish James for Attorney General who is running under the Cuomo ticket.

Nixon also has some Hip-Hop heavyweights in her corner as well. After she tweeted her love for a cinnamon raisin bagel with capers, red onions, cream cheese, tomatoes and lox she earned The Ghost, Styles P vote. Atlanta native T.I., who can’t vote in NYC’s primary by the way even gave Nixon the thumbs up and said she has his vote if her ambitions in the political world go national.

In the end, whether you’re team Cuomo, or team Nixon make sure you get out there and vote. These elections are a precursor to the crucial midterm elections that could determine the fate of many.

Photo: Rancel Lopez / MIA

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