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First Lady Melania Trump - White House Kitchen Garden

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Whether or not you agree on the fact that Donald Trump and Melania are the absolute worst, it’s kind of hard to argue that they’re not really nailing the whole First Family thing.

It seems like a new, cringeworthy photo of someone from their family reaches the internet every other week, and it’s hard to figure out if they’re being serious or trying to troll their way through an entire presidency.

This week in the Trump family photo album, photos of Melania have surfaced that have people meme’ing the hell outta her. The pictures come from a weird photo-op of her “gardening” back in September 2017, but it’s extremely obvious from her uncomfortable stance, white sneakers, and empty hands that Melania has literally never stepped into a garden before.

Check out the best jokes being cracked on Melania and her fake-gardening. (P.S. We miss you, Michelle.)

#MelaniaTheMeme: Melania Trump Is Being Meme’d Again, This Time For Not Knowing How Gardens Work  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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