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The chairman, founder and face of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter, resigned yesterday (June 11) after a series of extremely bad decisions! Forbes reports that last month Papa John took part in a conference call with a marketing agency to likely learn a thing or two about damage control (he didn’t).

Last November, Schnatter initially put his foot in his mouth after he claimed that NFL protests were hurting his pizza sales. Those comments cost the company its NFL sponsorship deal and Schnatter his job as CEO (he remained on as Chairman of the Board). In an effort to downplay his insensitive and incorrect remarks on the aforementioned conference call, he was asked how would he distance himself from racial groups who praised his comments on protesting. His response: “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—–s” and never faced any backlash. It’s unclear where or how he found that unsavory tidbit, but he tried to justify this way of thinking by recalling his childhood in Indiana, where people used to kill blacks by dragging behind trucks. As if that absolves him of all wrongdoing.

Shortly after this report surfaced, Papa John’s Wednesday went downhill. He stepped down from the University of Louisville’s board of trustees, Major League Baseball suspended its Papa Slam promotion indefinitely, its shares dropped by nearly five percent in one day, and finally, he’s no longer chairman as he resigned last night.

Is it truly that hard not to say anything insensitive?

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