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Portrait Of Raccoon Seen Through Branches

Source: Mario Hoffmann / EyeEm / Getty

One raccoon captured the hearts and minds of the Internet with their iconic-like actions.

On Tuesday, the animal was removed from the roof of an office block in St. Paul, Minnesota. But instead of laying low and going home, the raccoon still needed to get their skyscraper fix. So they went to a neighboring building, the UBS tower, which happens to be one of the tallest buildings in the city.

The raccoon started climbing…

And it even stopped on the 23rd floor for a nap break.

Soon, the mayor was notified…

The #MPRRaccoon hashtag started trending…

And a star was born.

The little creature even got their own Twitter account…

With no balconies or windows that open, there wasn’t much building occupants could do for the raccoon, except watch.

Animal specialist even advised authorities not to get too close to the raccoon, since they might scare the little creature and cause it to leap from the building.

The best thing people could do was hope that the raccoon would reach the roof where a trap was set out.

Thankfully, the raccoon did reach their destination and was captured to be released back into the wild.

Of course, the new furry hero inspired all the creatives on the Internet. Swipe through for the most hilarious memes and fan artwork of the #MPRRaccoon!

OMG: Viral MPR Raccoon Climbs 25-Story Building & Inspires Funny Memes & Fan Art  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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