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G-Eazy is something like a classic sitcom — when it’s on, you’ll watch it, but out of sight, out of mind.


But the Oakland rapper was out in the open for everyone to see on Wednesday when he was arrested in Stockholm for possession of cocaine and suspicion of assault.

According to reports, when security guards tried to calm him down, G-Eazy allegedly started throwing punches and even landed a few on one guard’s face.

If you’ve been following the “No Limit” rapper for a while, you know that he’s been pretty open about his cocaine use before.

Like when he joked about his girlfriend Halsey allegedly doing coke on a yacht while at the Breakfast Club:


Or in the song “Lady Killers”, when he rapped “I be where the coke and smoke at. See her friend and now I’m going for that three like I’m Steve Novak.”


How about hat time Youtube star Annalise Mishler told the story about the time she did drugs with G-Eazy at a party:


In the song “Outta Pocket RMX,” he rapped, “Put coke on my d*** h**d, now she got twice the blow.”


 “Him & I” with Halsey, was basically G-Eazy revealing that him and his girl “do drugs together”:


That time on the Yacht with Halsey:


Moral of the story is:

Maybe we’ll get another fire duet from the couple once G-Eazy is out of prison.


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