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Meek Mill may be coming home very soon! His chance at freedom may not come from exposing Judge Genece Brinkley but from a crooked cop involved in convicting him in the first place. CBS Philly reports that Meek, who is serving a 2-to-4 year sentence on a probation violation, has been granted an April “post-conviction relief appeal” hearing in his case based on newly-revealed information that ex-officer Reginald Graham, the sole witness in his 2007 trial, was on a list of cops deemed noncredible witnesses by a special Police Misconduct Review Committee.

Meek’s lawyers contend that Graham lied during his testimony in Meek’s 2007 guns-and-drugs case. That 2008 conviction is what has him on probation to this day (Yes 10 years on Probation).

“The news of this secret list, which includes the only officer to testify under oath against Meek Mill, is troubling but not surprising because we knew all along that the information officer Graham gave in court was false,” -Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina.

The Post-Conviction Relief Appeal will be held in April and, in the meantime, we will continue to scream “Free Meek” until we are able to say it backwards!

Check out one of my favorites below from Meek as he explains on how corrupt the system is.


Meek Mill Granted An Appeal Hearing in April!  was originally published on boomphilly.com

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