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Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham is a true talking head demon. She’s like Satan’s spawn and her list of evil is endless. Just to name a few: she fat-shamed Meghan McCainmade a Nazi-salute at the 2016  RNC conventionretweeted Nazis, and is a vicious homophobe who outed closeted gay college students by recording them and she is deeply anti-immigrant, even by conservative standards — all of this to say, the women is a perfect fit for Fox News.  Now, 54-year-old Ingraham, who really seems to love some Nazis, is attacking LeBron James and Kevin Durant for being Americans with opinions.

See below:

So let’s get this correct. Laura Ingraham is not a politician, she is not even a journalist, she is an opinion commentator on Fox News who has made a career out of spitting hate. Yet, she is telling someone else to shut up and dribble? James and Durant owe nothing to Ingraham, they are sovereign human beings who have actually given back to their community through millions of dollars in charity.  Of course, it’s not a new story that some people just want athletes (and Black people) to be quiet and grateful. That said, Laura Ingraham failed with her rant, which was clearly racist.  See the diverse reactions below:

Laura Ingraham will go down in history as a wildly hateful woman, but LeBron James and Kevin Durant will go down in history as two Americans who consistently gave back to their community.


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