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New York Fashion Week is a time when the general masses get to see a designer’s collection, inspired by the clothing that comes down the runway. However, seeing WHO gets to sport these designs is always a topic of discussion, as organizations like Harlem’s Fashion Row and Fashion For All Foundation have sought to increase the representation of designers and models of color. But what exactly is a day like for a model whose caught in the hustle bustle of NYFW?

Sasha Sydnor, a Black, Polish, and Cherokee model represented by EMG Models, shared with HelloBeautiful a day in her life as a model. Get ready for face masks, lots of castings, and a monumental moment for the young model.

8 AM

I’ve set my alarm early, because my routine this morning has to leave time for everything I need to do, which includes getting myself ready for a busy day of casting, and a runway show tonight with Draya Michele’s swimsuit line, Mint Swim. I want to make sure I look my best, my skin is glowing, and my mind and spirit are in the right place! Castings can be intimidating, especially when you’re one of few blacks girls in the room. So by the time I reach my runway show, I want to still feel good and be ready to kill it.

8:30 AM

I do 30 minutes of yoga— just some simple stretches and light movements—to get my blood flowing and my body loose and flexible. I really like these YouTube videos by Boho Beautiful. The girl makes it easy to follow and the videos are only 15 minutes long, so I can either do a quick yoga routine or if I have the time, watch two videos and really kill it.

Also I start my routine of drinking water! This is the best for having healthy skin and glow! I drink a gallon a day; I know it sounds like a lot, but after a while you get used to it. I swear by this! A gallon of water a day has changed my life!

9:15 AM

After my yoga practice, I sit for 10-15 minutes and meditate.  I find an inspirational motivation video that I like to put on in the background while I meditate, and it really helps me get my mind focused and feel good. I find this one of the most important parts of my morning! Set the tone for the day!

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

10:00 AM

I give myself a DIY face mask while I drink my coffee (and water!) that I’ve made from all natural products in my kitchen! This particular mask always makes my skin glow, and I love to use it at least twice a week. I mix coffee, cinnamon, lemon juice, coconut oil (which I’m obsessed with), and a little honey. I put in on my face and neck for 10 minutes, and wash off with warm water. I love this mask! Leaves my skin tight and glowing every time!

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10:30 AM

I shower, get dressed, eat a little breakfast of eggs and sliced bananas, and get myself ready for my first casting of the day. I make sure to Google map everywhere I have to go since I’m not from NYC (I’m from Miami) and I don’t want to be a minute late! It’s hard enough being one of the few girls of color at castings, but I don’t want to show up late and give them any reason to dismiss me! I washed and blow-dried my hair straight the night before since it takes me forever to straighten my thick and curly hair. I put a mask of coconut oil and egg yolk on my hair for 30 minutes before I blow dry it. Leaves my hair so shiny and moisturized, silky and smooth!

12:00 PM

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

I’m out the door and on the train for my 45 minute ride to my first casting!

Not forgetting to bring my water with me!

1:00 PM

Arrived to my first casting for designer Leanne Marshall, and it’s nothing short of a madhouse.

Girls are everywhere and the line is out the door to sign in. I wait patiently until it’s my turn: they take some digital photos of me and ask me to walk.

Finally, I’m out of there, heading to the train, and on my way to the next casting before my 5pm call time tonight for the Mint Swim show, with Style Fashion Week.

2:45 PM

Arrived at my next casting for Laquan Smith, which is all the way on the other side of Manhattan. I’m starting to get use to the hustle of NYC, finally, and learning the trains thanks to google maps. Otherwise, I’d be struggling big time!

Casting goes quickly, which is awesome because I can get a light bite to eat. I know I won’t get a chance to eat again until after the show tonight, which won’t end till after 10.

3:30 PM

I arrive at the venue where the show is tonight, that way I can eat and already be near.

I grab a light salad with chicken and another cup of coffee! I’m gonna need it.

5:00 PM

It’s time! I arrive to Style Fashion Week for my show, and it’s cray cray! Photographers are everywhere, models are everywhere, and hair and makeup people everywhere!

I find where I’m supposed to be with the help of the backstage people and wait to get my makeup and hair done.

I meet the other girls in the show, and see I’m only one of three WOC in the show. Note that the lineup is about 12-15 girls. That just means I have to be extra on point to represent!

6:15 PM

They call us for makeup. I look for the Black makeup artist- if there is one- because from experience, I know she’s gonna have the right products to match my skin tone! I find her, and we get to work.

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

7:30 PM

I’m on my way to get my hair done. Again, I look for the black hair stylist, if there is one, because they are gonna know how to best work with my type of hair. Unfortunately, there isn’t one, so I just go to the first available and hope for the best!

8:30 PM

I’m finished with hair and makeup, so now it’s time to get dressed. Draya Michele gives us our swim suit and shoes, and we start to get ready. I’m starting to get butterflies and a little nervous, like I do before every runway show.  

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

Photographers start taking photos of us backstage, so we know it’s almost time!

9:30 PM

Showtime! We get lined up, Draya says a prayer, and the music starts! This is it. I’m third in line, and ready to go. I take a deep breath, and kill it.

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

9:50 PM

Just like that, the show is over. I’m feeling pumped. It was a success! The audiences were so awesome and gave us great feedback. One of my favorite shows I’ve done so far!

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

10:30 PM

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

I’m finally changed back into my regular clothes and head back to the train. I have another day of castings tomorrow, so I have to get home and get all this makeup off and get my beauty sleep. But first, I get a slice a pizza to treat myself, and I eat it with a smile.

A successful day, and I’m feeling good.

Sasha Sydnor

Source: Courtesy of Sasha Sydnor / Sasha Syndor

11:30 PM

I finally arrive home, wash my face, drink some more water, and get into bed.

I like to wash my face with the Lancôme Creme Radiance face wash (ulta.com, $26). It leaves my face super soft, moisturized, and very clean. I put a little coconut oil on after, and lights out, till tomorrow!


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