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It’s not a secret that LeBron James doesn’t fancy our Donald Trump… after his “U BUM” comments that went viral.

In the latest installment of Uninterrupted‘s web series “Rolling With The Champion,” host Cari Champion is joined by Lebron James and Golden State’s Kevin Durant. In this video, James gives a lengthy explanation of his opinion on Trump and why he has been politically outspoken lately.

“The No. 1 job in America, the point person, is someone who doesn’t understand the people, and really don’t give a fuck about the people,” James says. “When I was growing up, there were like three jobs that you looked for inspiration, or you felt like, these were the people that could give me life: it was the president of the United States, it was whoever was the best in sports, and then it was like the greatest musician at the time.”

Check the audio snippet here:

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Watch the full episode here (His Trump comments begin at the 5:35 mark):

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