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Fetty Wap Hosts Medusa Lounge

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It looks like Fetty Wap had two women pregnant at the same time because his daughter with Alexis Skyy was born 3 months early and he just confirmed he has another one on the way.


The 27-year-old rapper said he’s currently awaiting the arrival of his 7th child, a son, and he’ll be taken care of just like his other 6. His daughter’s mom Lezhae Zeona is currently pregnant with his son, so we assume he’s referring to her pregnancy. (You just never know with Fetty).

The reason folks shouldn’t worry about him and how many babies he makes is because he’s “wealthy” not rich with 22 million on him. Oh?

“Actually, my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million,” he wrote. “So yeah, I think my odds are better than your boyfriends; and all my kids’ moms have moved on and living their life. They allow me to be a dad to my kids.”

“I’m fortunate enough to have been smart enough to invest my money so my kids will have money when I’m gone.” Fetty concluded his small rant by telling fans that he would not broach the subject of his kids and ability to support them again. “Understand,” he wrote, “I’m not rich. I’m wealthy.”

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