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Jeezy talks about his new album, “Pressure,” and why, ironically, there wasn’t much pressure on him with the creation of it. He explains that the concept of the album is “being that piece of coal that nobody pays attention to,” noting that people rarely notice all of the intense stuff people go through to transform themselves into diamonds. Jeezy also talks about coming to grips with his own reality in order to rap about it honestly. He also talks about not dealing with the same problems now as he did when he was younger, though his challenges now are at another level.

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Jeezy recalls how he used to hide or try not to stunt too hard, but now refuses to. He also talks about keeping the balance between his old, younger voice, and a new, more mature voice. Then, he looks back on the creation of all his albums, and how they differed in terms of the mental space he was in, and how much drugs and alcohol consumption went into the equation. He also laughs about his fans getting on his case when he was spotted out on a Yacht in Miami, when they had no idea  all along that he was working on the album. Check out this exclusive video to hear more in this interview from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”

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