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Jake Moreno is a 22-year-old student at Salt Lake Community College in Utah. Last week, he asked his philosophy of religion professor, Shannon Atkinson, to help him draft a text message for him to send to a girl he wanted to take out on a date.

Buzzfeed News received a statement from the professor in an email, who explained much of the exchange: “Jacob approached me after class wondering if the triangle and Aristotelian Rhetoric could be used to ask a woman on a date and I was intrigued, thus my help. Honestly, Jacob was the brains behind the whole thing; my part was only in helping him form the ‘wording’ of the text so he didn’t come off too strong. My only real input into this whole thing was having him really appeal to the pathos part of the triangle and be sensitive and cognizant of the ‘details’ of her life situation, as often in rhetoric of this type that is what is going to put him over the top, so to speak.”

That’s when Jake posted the exchange on his Twitter page, showing both the strategy he and his professor worked up along with how the text message exchange actually ended up going down. The girl he was working up the courage to ask out, Hannah, said yes to the date with no hesitation. Not only did she agree to the date, but they already went out, and from the look of things, the two both had a great time.

After his tweet about the initial questioning for the date went viral, people waited patiently to see what ended up happening–so the follow up about their actual date had Twitter feeling a lot of feelings. Everyone came to the consensus that Jacob must keep his Twitter updated with the details of their relationship and we’re all rooting for them to live happily ever after.

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