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In his latest interview with GQ Style, André 3000 talks about the intricacies of his life since the biggest song of his career, “Hey Ya” was released nearly 15 years ago. As the new creative director for Tretorn, his main focus in recent days–and for the decade he hasn’t been releasing any music–has been on clothing. He even has his sights set on releasing his own line of Anita Baker T-Shirts, which sparked after buying some online and being disappointed with both the quality and the fact that he knew Anita herself wasn’t seeing any profits from it.

This interview is one of Dre’s most introspective yet, talking about the fact that he moved from New York City because he had lived all he was supposed to do in Atlanta. After both of his parents died and his son with Erykah Badu went off to college, he found himself only doing things that were harmful to him or his mental health, so NYC was the change he needed. He also talks about parallels between him and his father, and how seeing him die alone made him reflect on his own habits of sabotaging perfectly good relationships.

Like any 3 Stacks interview, it wouldn’t be complete without talking about his plans to make and release music sometime in the future. Though he’s said before that he doesn’t want to be a 40-year-old rapper–and he’s now 42–the Outkast superstar hasn’t completely thrown away all hope of ever giving us a full solo project. Mr. Benjamin refers to himself as a “jack of no trades,” and says that he never thought of himself a as good rapper, which has led him to this point in his life, where he feels he doesn’t have a pulse on hip-hop anymore. He says he might still have one or two fights (read: albums) left in him, but there’s no telling when anything could come out. He does say, however, that once he dies, fans will find hours and hours of unreleased music that he’s made throughout the years.

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