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Nicki Minaj played an important role in the culture, according to her.

Love her or hate her, the facts don’t lie: Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female artist the music industry has ever seen.

Earlier this year, she passed the legendary Aretha Franklin and became the woman with the most Hot 100 singles ever. At just 34 year of age, it would be quite an accomplishment for anyone, but perhaps moreso in the case of Minaj, who only really cut through the clutter and began to make her name for herself at the end of the 2000’s. In that short amount of time, she’s elevated herself from an oddball music video mainstay and gone on to become one of the most recognized hip-hop and pop music stars of the last twenty years. With all that in mind, it won’t surprise you to hear that she thinks her place in the pop culture lexicon is a very important one.

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