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Cleveland Cavaliers Victory Parade and Rally

Source: David Liam Kyle / Getty

CLEVELAND – Fans burning jerseys is understandably a sensitive subject for LeBron James. After all, his old Cleveland Cavaliers jersey being set ablaze was one of the defining images of the night he chose to leave the franchise for the Miami Heat in 2010.

It’s been more than seven years since “The Decision” and it seems like a jersey now gets burned after every player transaction. Earlier this week, a video of Boston Celtics fans burning an Isaiah Thomas jersey went viral — even though Thomas joined the Cavs via a trade, not free agency, and thus had no say in the matter.

Earlier this summer, fans in Utah made similar videos after Gordon Hayward left the Jazz to join the Celtics. On Thursday, James decided he’s seen enough, taking to Twitter to defend his new teammate, Thomas, as well as Hayward, in a series of tweets.

James’ frustration is obviously understandable given his messy departure from Cleveland in 2010. The use of the words “cowardly” and “traitor” also echo the sentiment of the infamous letter that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert directed at James following his departure.



Article Courtesy of WKYC Channel 3 News Cleveland

Picture Courtesy of David Liam Kyle and Getty Images

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